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impf Palma creative summit

The Talk of the Town – AI, Web 4, Metaverses

While technology has created new opportunities for music rights-holders, in billion-dollar, blockbuster games and limitless virtual frontiers, it has also caused many to question the very foundations of our copyright system, with artificial intelligence applications seemingly galloping ahead of us. We’ll look at how all of this pertains to music, how to thrive in virtual worlds as well as the real world, and how human and AI creation can coexist.


Elisa Fermont-Amouyal, CEO, Talit MuZic Publishing

Constance Herreman Follain, Director of Legal and Policy, CISAC

Florian Koempel, Copyright Consultant

Markus Schwarzer, CEO, CYANITE

María González Gordon, Managing Partner at CMS Spain and Global Co-Head Digital Business

Cliff Fluet, Partner at Lewis Silkin/MD Eleven Advisory

Moderator: Sarah Williams, CEO of IMPEL


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